Thai Massage
A Path to Health & Vitality

Traditional Thai MassageConsistent self-care can play a major role in how healthy you'll be and how youthful you can feel with each passing year. The medical community is embracing the many therapeutic benefits of massage and its contribution to preventing illness. Marti Doolittle, Licensed Massage Therapist of Healing Muscle Therapies, encourages investigating the many forms of therapeutic massage and bodywork until you find what best suits your health & wellness needs. To help you get started on the path to health and vitality, Marti offers a unique form of bodywork in downtown Lake Geneva called, Traditional Thai Massage.

Eastern Healing Tradition: Thai Massage is a healing art originating in India over 25 centuries ago. This ancient healing art was administered by Buddhist monks and other practitioners of holistic forms of healing, later migrating to Thailand where it is a common healing practice. In Eastern medicine it is believed that stagnation along energy "sen" lines of the body can cause pain, fatigue and disease. Passed down through generations, Thai massage was developed to help release this blocked energy returning balance and health to the body.

How can Thai Massage help me? From young to elderly, Traditional Thai Massage can help improve your range of motion, prevent injury and increase vitality. It combines gentle passive stretches with massage and acupressure to help lengthen contracted muscles, relieving aches and pains from tense muscles and stiff joints. This type of bodywork can help improve poor posture and maintain joint flexibility which is so often lost with age. With regular treatments, benefits tend to multiply. Results can be both deeply relaxing and revitalizing.

The Thai Massage Experience: Thai Massage is administered on a comfortable floor mat while you are fully-clothed in a completely relaxed and passive state. The therapist does all the work, not you. During an average 60 to 90-minute private session, the practitioner may use her hands, elbows, knees or feet to apply gentle pressure and soothing rocking movement for a therapeutic full-body treatment. Each session can vary, based on your individual treatment needs and progress.

Health and Wellness: Massage is not a luxury. Receiving massage on a regular basis is one way to invest in both your physical and mental health. As with proper diet and exercise, consider bodywork and massage treatments a vital part of your health and wellness plan.

Learn More: Visit for more information on Traditional Thai and other therapeutic massage services. Healing Muscle Therapies is located at 201 Broad Street, Suite D, Lake Geneva, WI. Hours are by appointment. Contact Marti Doolittle at (262) 515-7035 to schedule a therapeutic treatment.

Spirit of Geneva Lakes, August '09 Issue   (Updated 8/1/18)